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Redwood Second Grade Students Host “Comic Con” to Celebrate Black History Month

WEST ORANGE, NJ – Students in Kimya Jackson’s second-grade class hosted a unique “Comic Con” on Feb. 28 featuring famous black inventors and scientists as part of their Black History Month project.

Students spent the month not only researching their chosen scientist or inventor, but also creature actual comic books chronicling their lives and accomplishments. West Orange resident and Redwood parent Armani Scott, a comic book creator, stopped by earlier in the month to assist students in their project.
Students dressed as their inventor or scientist and visiting classes, teachers and parents stopped at each desk to hear about the accomplishments of the many unsung heroes of the black community. Each character was also given 'super-powers' by the students, including kindness, listening, and other character traits.
Represented scientists and inventors included Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, featured in the film “Hidden Figures,” Percy Julian (scientist), Madame C.J. Walker (personal toiletries and hair care for the black community), Lonnie Johnson (creator of ‘Super Soaker’), George Washington Carver (botanist/inventor), and many more.
“The students worked so hard and did such a fantastic job,” said Ms. Jackson as students and visitors engaged in conversation about the prominent contributions of the black community. 
Comic Con
 Students with Armani Scott.
Cynthia Cumming