Hazel Avenue School Counselor

  • Hello everyone and welcome to HAZEL'S School Counseling Corner!

    Our school counselors are certified professionals who assist students, teachers, parents/guardians, and administrators. School counselors help all students to develop their educational, social, career, and personal-emotional strengths and to become responsible and productive citizens. Their work is specific to the developmental stages of growth and related issues, tasks, and challenges. The K-5 school counselors are responsible for:

    • Implementing a guidance curriculum and counseling program to all students;
    • Providing counseling to individuals and groups of students;
    • Helping students in transition;
    • Consulting with and providing training to staff;
    • Participating in activities which contribute to the effective operation of the school;
    • Planning and evaluating the counseling program; and,
    • Pursuing ongoing professional growth. 

    Please feel free to contact your child's school counselor with any questions or concerns.



  • Mrs. Delisa Jackson, M.A., NCC

    School Counselor                      

    Hazel Avenue Elementary School
    45 Hazel Ave.

    West Orange, NJ 07052                                                                             

    Phone: 973-669-5448 x. 22601


    In case of an emergency please contact 911

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