About Kelly Elementary School

  • The faculty, students, principal and parents of the Kelly Elementary School community celebrates the richness of our diversity. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of every student and are committed to excellence in all aspects of our school’s program. Our students’ literacy, mathematics, science and social studies curriculum is infused with critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. By building relationships with one another, our students are challenged to strive for high levels of academic achievement, while developing important skills for global citizenship. We are a “Bucket Filling School” based on the work of Carol McCloud.

    Kelly Elementary School is unique in that it is home to the district’s self-contained learning and Language Disorders program and several classes for students with Autism. Kelly Elementary provides educational services to students in the least restrictive environment. There is a full continuum of services for students with unique learning needs.

    Our students have the opportunity to explore and create in our newly designed Library Media Center and Makerspace named for a former teacher, Ms. Connie White. Students make use of multimedia technology in lessons and work collaboratively on passion projects.

    Kelly Elementary School is fortunate to have a Parent Teacher Association that enthusiastically supports our programs. The parents, teachers and principal work collaboratively to provide enrichment activities assembly programs and assistance for field trips and assemblies and support the efforts of the faculty on behalf of the children.

    In 2016 our school was named in honor of former alumni twin Astronauts, Mark and Scott Kelly. We determined that our mission would become to “Learn Like an Astronaut.” Learn with a purpose. We would challenge our students to decide what excites them and to start moving their lives in the direction of their stars. In 2019 we implemented NJPBSIS (Positive Behavior Supports in Schools) to enhance social and emotional learning. This program focuses on unity and cohesion to build a strong culture and establish a high bar for all students. This increases equity for all students which increases academic achievement.

    Together, the faculty, staff and students focus on learning like an Astronaut by being Respectful, Responsible and Safe! We look toward the future, and for the staff at Kelly, that means reaching down to take the hand of our stars so that our Kelly scholars can reach up and touch theirs!


    Dr. Joanne Pollara, Principal