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Kelly Elementary School Teacher Dr. Keri Orange-Jones Co-Authors "Learning Loss" Piece for NCTE Journal

WEST ORANGE, NJ - Kelly Elementary School teacher Dr. Keri Orange-Jones has co-authored an article on "Learning Loss" for the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) online journal "Voices in the Middle." 

"I co-authored the piece with Christopher Lehman, founder of The Educator Collaborative, and Elizabeth Schoenberger, who, like myself, is a Member Fellow of the organization," said Dr. Jones.
"We were approached by the editors, Shelbie Witte and Sara Kajder, to submit something for their final issue as co-editors. After much consideration and discussion about deficit language and learning loss, we worked together to co-author this important piece," she added.
Read the "Learning Loss" article by Dr. Jones and her collleagues here.
Dr. Keri Orange-Jones
Dr. Keri Orange-Jones
Cynthia Cumming
June 15, 2021