About St. Cloud Elementary School

  • St. Cloud School provides a wide variety of academic and social experiences that are designed to encourage the development of a well-rounded child. At St. Cloud School, we believe that every child can learn. We continuously monitor student progress, and plan instruction to meet the needs of every child. We are committed to providing an environment that will allow each child to develop to his or her fullest potential.
    The PTA supports the efforts of the professional staff in a number of ways. They provide a variety of relevant educational and cultural programs designed to supplement and enrich classroom instruction. The PTA also provides an after school enrichment program each semester that offers a multitude of courses designed to enrich the educational, social, and cultural experiences of the children. A PTA-sponsored Career Day is held annually to provide for the development of career awareness. A variety of PTA fundraising activities has provided the monetary support to purchase equipment to enhance the integration of technology with the curriculum.

    The faculty of St. Cloud School believes in collaboration and values continued professional development. We view ourselves as a "community of learners" and are committed to a philosophy of life-long learning. In keeping with this philosophy, we welcome the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars designed to increase our repertoire of instructional strategies. We are continuing our work with Differentiated Instruction and have identified lessons and units in the curriculum that can incorporate Differentiated Instruction. The faculty continues to make the development of technology skills a priority. Our building is well-equipped with outstanding educational technology equipment including several ceiling mounted LCD projectors with Smartboards, wireless microphones used by teachers to enhance their voices during instruction, laptop carts, iPads and a computer lab which is used by every student on a weekly basis.

    St. Cloud School strives to build multicultural awareness and celebrate cultural diversity. Numerous activities that foster an appreciation of other cultures take place in each classroom during the course of the school year. Teachers, parents, and students proudly share information about ancestors, customs, and celebrations at appropriate times during the school year.
    Mr. Eric Price
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