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Meet the West Orange High School Board of Education Student Liaisons for 2023-2024

WEST ORANGE, NJ - With the new school year in full swing, two seniors at West Orange High School have been appointed as the Board of Education student liaisons for the 2023-2024 school year. The students attend board meetings and present updates on high school happenings, along with issues of concern.

Leila Abouelnaja

Leila attended Gregory Elementary School, Edison Middle School, and Roosevelt Middle School. She is a captain of the Color Guard, a Mountaineer Mentor, President of the Interact Club, and is part of the Health Occupations Students of America club (HOSA).

“I wanted to be a BOE liaison so I could be there for my student peers as a support system that could bring about change. I want to bring attention to problems faced by students in high school that may go unseen by staff, and hopefully resolve them so learning can be a better experience for everyone,” Leila stated.

“As of right now, the main concern I have is the excessive amounts of heat in classrooms due to some possible temperature regulation issues,” she explained.

“I’m really excited to be one of the faces of the student body and represent the diverse environment here at WOHS,” Leila added.

Leila plans to pursue dentistry.

KeniKhidru James

KeniKhidru (Keni) James attended St. Cloud Elementary, Edison Middle School, and Roosevelt Middle School. He is a member of the WOHS Golf Team, Marching Band, and Computer Club.

“I wanted to be a BOE liaison because there are issues that I believe need fixing at WOHS when it comes to education, like the leveling system, staffing, helping students improve the learning process, and getting extra help," he said.

In addition to his involvement at WOHS, Keni owns seven vending machines and an Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand.

“My vending machines promote healthy snacks,” he noted, “and my goal has always been towards sustainability and health. I want to double major in Robotic Engineering and International Business so that I can significantly impact people's lives with the things I am passionate about. “

BOE Liaisons

Leila Abouelnaja and KeniKhidru (Keni) James  


Cynthia Cumming
Sept. 26, 2023