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What Are They Learning - Hazel Elementary School

WEST ORANGE, NJ - Welcome to the first installment of What Are They Learning? Throughout the year, we will be visiting our elementary schools to see what students in grades K-5 are learning. First up: Hazel Elementary School. (Note: there were no music or art lessons on the day Hazel was visited.) Stay tuned for students and staff of the month as well.

Hazel Principal Joel Castillo is proud of the work his staff is doing in this small neighborhood elementary school. 326 students currently attend Hazel. As a title one school, the percentage of economically disadvantaged students is slightly higher than some of the other schools, but the same work is done. There are 40 ESL students and seven specialized interventionists who work with approximately 95 students to boost English/Language Arts and Math skills. The after-school homework club is available to all students. Many people may not realize that Hazel was named a Blue Ribbon School for 2008-2009 for its outstanding work with a diverse student population.

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Cynthia Cumming
Oct. 14, 2023