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OPT OUT FORM: Google Hangouts Meet / Virtual Conferencing

OPT OUT FORM:  Google Hangouts Meet / Virtual Conferencing


Although the District has utilized various forms of virtual learning in the past to support the curriculum, the District is now developing Google Hangouts Meet and/or classroom opportunities as a platform for interactive learning, as a result of Executive Order 104.


The nature of Google Hangouts Meet means that your child’s name and live video could potentially be seen by anyone in the background of the other students who are participating, and that your child may see actions in the background of other students. Your child’s information, such as, but not limited to, classification status, accommodations, related services, academic levels and/or skills may also be inadvertently disclosed to others during group sessions. 

We take the confidentiality of your child’s educational information and personally identifiable information very seriously.  If you agree to begin or continue with Google Hangouts Meet in consideration of the laws and policies outlined in this Notice, there is nothing for you to do at this time.

If you do NOT agree with Google Hangouts Meet and/or virtual conferencing as a method of instruction for your child, please click the button below, to complete the Google Form, indicating that you do not give consent for your child to participate in Google Hangouts Meet / Virtual Conferencing.