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West Orange Ultimate Frisbee Club Selected to Test Drive Innovative Disc

WEST ORANGE, NJ – The popular West Orange High School Ultimate Frisbee Club has been selected to test drive the new Tosy Flying Duo 360 LED Flying Disc and Patented Boomerang. The Tosy is an innovative piece that features LED lighting and a special lip to allow for more tricks and moves.

 The Tosy offers the ability to play in the dark and counts off the ten seconds that a player has to hold and toss the Frisbee. While the design takes some time to get used to, the team overall likes the disc. 

Ultimate Frisbee, now called “Ultimate,” has been around since 1968 when a group of students at Columbia High School in Maplewood, NJ created the flying disc, or Frisbee. Since those early relaxing days of friendly play, the sport has gone mainstream and now features regulation play and national competitions. More popular than ever, Ultimate still manages to maintain its chillaxed vibe while incorporating real athleticism and competitive play. 

As a non-contact sport, touching another player is considered a foul. There are no referees. In the spirit of the game, the players themselves follow a code of conduct known as “the Spirit of the Game.” They decide how to call moves and situations. The club practices twice a week and participates in competitions in the fall and spring. 

The WOHS Ultimate Frisbee club currently consists of three captains: Ian Gustavson, Yusuf Abouelnaja, and Freddie Jaeger. WOHS Mathematics teacher Jonathan Tick serves as club Advisor and Alexa Deronde is the team manager and publicist. 

For students looking to develop coordination skills, improve their fitness level, and enjoy a sport with relaxed rules and fellow students, the Ultimate Frisbee Club is the place to be. For more information, contact Jonathan Tick at and follow the club on Instagram at @wohs_frisbee. 

Ultimate Frisbee

 Jonathan Tick (Advisor), Alexa DeRonde (Manager), Yusuf Abouelnaja (Captain), Freddy Jaeger (Captain), Ian Gustavson (Captain), Nathaniel Redwine, Vincent Bollotta, and Aiden Lugo. 



 The Tosy Flying Duo 360 LED Flying Disc and Patented Boomerang











Cynthia Cumming
Sept. 16, 2021