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West Orange Student Council Wins "S!nergy" Youth Students for Peace Grant

WEST ORANGE, NJ - The West Orange Student Council took first place in the Youth and Students for Peace "S!NERGY competition, held Dec. 20 in Newark, NJ.


The competition provided an opportunity for students and young adults to attend a day-long workshop and present their ideas or projects that promote peace and better societies.


WOHS Student Council Co-president Brett Zeligson presented a powerful presentation outlining their idea for creating a calm/mindfulness room at the high school, where students could have a space to manage their emotions, decrease stress and anxiety, and redirect their energy in a positive way. (The room has been completed and is located near the in-school suspension offices of Dean of Students Stephan Zichella.)


As winners of the competition, the Student Council was awarded $500 and was able to select a charity of their choice to receive a $500 donation. The students selected the Christopher (CJ) Morgan Foundation.



Read more about the Youth and Students for Peace organization here.


WOHS Student Council

 (L-R) Student Council Brett Zeligson, Rian DeVera, Darlene Folas, April Morgan, Chris Morgan Sr., Herva Kana, Kaia Baker, Scott Moul. 



Cynthia Cumming
Jan. 10, 2019