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Mountain High School Class of 1979 Holds 40th Reunion

WEST ORANGE, NJ - The 1979 Class of Mountain High School held its 40th Reunion celebration at the Hanover Manor on Nov. 15, bringing alumni together for a nostalgic evening of fun and memories.


Approximately 110 alumni attended the Reunion.


"We had an amazing time," said Karen Damgen Carnevale, Class of MHS 1979 and one of the event committee organizers.


"Everyone was so excited," she continued, "and we were all so grateful to be there."


See photos from the Reunion here.


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Members of Mountain High School Class of 1979.


Reunion Committee: Karen Damgen Carnevale, Terri Thatcher Macgilvray, Darlene Wetzel Madden, Eileen Kievning Warshany, Jean D'Alessandro Ligouri, Lauren D'Aries Abajian, Lisa Sorge Holck-Guarino (in back) Carolyn Richardson Dean, Marie Messina Gaglioti, Kayte Hassett Ortmann, with members of the band, "The Nerds." 


Cynthia Cumming
Nov. 21, 2019