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Roosevelt Middle School Holds Annual Invention Convention

WEST ORANGE, NJ - The annual Seventh Grade Invention Convention, held March 28 at Roosevelt Middle School, amazed and impressed staff, parents, and family members with unique designs and innovations.


"We work from January on 4 different steps throughout January, February and March to get the students to the point of the convention," said Seventh Grade Science teacher Tracy Gordon.


"The students were judged by the four Seventh Grade Science teachers: Mrs. Karen Gleason, Ms. Kim Nguyen, Mr. Julian Rodriguez, and myself," she continued.


The following questions were included on the Score Sheet used to judge the inventions.


Does this invention identify and address a problem?


How well has this inventor done research and provided evidence to show that no similar process or product exists? 

How knowledgable and enthusiastic is the inventor about the invention?


How well has the inventor shown that the invention has been tested to ensure that it works?


How well is this invention designed and/or constructed?


How effectively has the inventor advertised and presented the invention?


Has the inventor has provided required documentation?

After visiting the exhibits, Gordon named the winners.



Honorable Mention



Brush Sync - Technology

Rocio Ramirez


Writer's Magnet

Writer's Magnet - School Supplies

Nora McNamara, Jocelyn Palaguachi, and Morgan Miller.


Spin 'n Sniff

Spin N Sniff - Health and Wellness

Dylan Suriano and Emma Wenzel.


Ice Cimbing Gloves

Ice Climbing Gloves - Health and Wellness

Kris Kuzniewski and Brendan Daunt.


Gel and Go

Gel-N-Go - Fan Favorite

Oluoma Ejiofor, Jordan Bond, and Camilla Charro.


Cat Free Cup

3rd Place:  Cat Free Cup

Winston McAbee, Pete Stephens, Henry Pfeifer, Dylan Miller


Dog's Slumber

 2nd Place:  Dog's Slumber

Tristian Escobar and Brian Osorio.


Scrunch Relief

1st Place:  Scrunch Relief

Leila Abouelnaja, Maya Koserowski, and Kayla Mengden.


"Many of the students had stumbles along the way and it was wonderful to see them monitor and adjust to the problem or issue that they faced," concluded Gordon.


See all the photos from the Invention Convention here.


Cynthia Cumming
Aprl 2, 2019