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Important Message From Mr. Moore (4.7.2020)

Good afternoon Mountaineers! 


I hope you and your families are safe, healthy and that you remain well. 


I want to thank you all for the hard work you are putting in under difficult and unusual circumstances. I also thank your teachers who are working diligently and your parents/guardians who are dealing with the challenging times. 


As part of the school closure and NJ State requirements, each student must demonstrate daily attendance and submit required assignments in order to receive credit for the courses taken.  We have used the first two weeks as a transition period and have extended the marking period to April 27th to give you the opportunity to complete and submit all assignments, prior to your grades being posted.


Beginning Monday, April 13th, you will notice your grades posted in PowerSchool.  Absences will be recorded. Missing assignments will become zeros. It is extremely important that you complete and submit your work. If it is not submitted, you will not get credit for the work, or attendance for the class and as a result your grades will suffer. As young adults, you must accept this responsibility and fulfill your obligations. Mountaineers embrace challenges and do their best to meet them! 


If there are assignments that you have not submitted, please take the time to complete all assignments and make sure you submit all work to your teachers as soon as possible. If you wait too long, it will be more difficult to get your work done and if you fall too far behind you may be required to participate in a conference with your Dean, a parent/guardian, and your School Counselor. Ultimately, at some point it will be too late to hand in work for credit. So, Mountaineers, please take this memo seriously and be responsible! 


I know I don’t need to say this, but I will remind you anyway, I expect you to be honorable, honest, and decent. That means treating each other with kindness and respect, but it also means respecting yourself and your teachers enough to make sure all of the work you submit is actually your own. 


As you should know, your teachers use an app to detect plagiarism, and if someone tries to pass off work of another as their own, it is a violation of our code of conduct and results in denial of credit and in discipline. More importantly, that type of behavior is disappointing to me, your parents, and your teachers. Plagiarism is not the Mountaineer way. 


Thanks again for putting in the hard work and for being diligent and honest! Make yourself, your parents, and your teachers proud! 


Stay safe. 

Hayden Moore