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Joint Statement: WOBOE and WOEA

Joint Statement of the West Orange Board of Education and West Orange Education Association


The West Orange Board of Education (Board) and the West Orange Education Association (Association) want to thank our teachers and staff members who demonstrated their professionalism and commitment to the district students when they remained overnight to ensure that the students would be safe, cared for, fed and comforted during the shelter-in-place snow event on November 15-16, 2018.


The Board and Association wish to jointly express our sincere gratitude and admiration for all those staff members who sacrificed in that moment of crisis and made our students their first priority.


The Board and Association are pleased to announce that they have come to a mutual agreement to ensure that teachers and staff members are fairly and adequately compensated.


Under the terms of this mutually agreed upon resolution, the teachers and paraprofessionals who remained and cared for our students will receive the contractual payment for overnight evening chaperones, and will also receive two additional personal days for this school year, which if unused during this school year can be carried over as personal days through June 30, 2020.


The other staff members who remained and assisted our students -- secretaries, security officers, bus drivers and custodians -- have already received overtime compensation for the additional hours they remained to care for our students.


The Board and Association applaud these staff members’ selfless acts to ensure the safety of our students.


The Board and the Association are also pleased to announce that we have resolved the few remaining issues of contractual interpretation that have prevented the formal execution of the collective bargaining agreement that was ratified by both parties in 2017. This morning, the final collective bargaining agreement was executed by both parties and will be made available to all staff shortly.


The Board and Association are grateful to have been able to cooperate and negotiate an end to these few remaining contractual issues and look forward to a collaborative future, working together for the best interests of our district.


West Orange Board of Education and West Orange Education Association.