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Senator Richard Codey Announces Teen Suicide Initiative at Liberty Middle School

WEST ORANGE, NJ - Senator Richard Codey held a press conference at Liberty Middle School on May 9 in an effort to address the serious issue of teen suicide and to assist school employees in identifying at-risk students.


Senator Codey and his wife Mary Jo are long-time mental health advocates and founders of the of Codey Fund for Mental Health. As part of their initiative to combat teen suicide and depression, specialized training to non-licensed school staff who interact with students on a daily basis, new legislation to establish a pilot program, and the creation of a statewide Teen Suicide and Depression Task Force will be initiated.


Representatives with the Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris will offer new workshops that target and empower non-licensed school professionals by recognizing the signs and symptoms of students who may be suffering from mental health issues. The goal is to better equip all school employees to help identify at-risk students and prevent teen suicides and other mental health related incidents in their schools.


Find out more about the Codey Fund For Mental Health Initiative here.


Senator Codey

SAC Counselor Amadeo Chirichiello, Superintendent Jeff Rutzky,

Senator Richard Codey, and SAC Counselors Heidi Brotzman and

Keshia Golding-Cooper at Sen. Codey's press conference at LMS

on May 9.


Cynthia Cumming
May 15, 2018