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School Year Begins for West Orange Faculty with Special Welcome from Superintendent Dr. Scott Cascone


WEST ORANGE, NJ – It was back-to-school for all West Orange School District faculty on Sept. 3, as PTAs provided welcome breakfasts and several schools received a special visit from new Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Scott Cascone.


Faculty gathered for an intensive day of training in preparation for the new school year, which officially began on Sept. 4. Hugs, greetings, and animated conversation filled West Orange High School, Edison, Liberty, and Roosevelt Middle Schools as Principals introduced the district’s new Superintendent, Dr. Scott Cascone, to staff.


Dr. Cascone welcomed back new and returning faculty, offering his support and thanks for all their hard work and efforts.


“You are rock stars and super heroes,” Dr. Cascone said. “Not many people can do what you do.”


Cascone explained that “teaching is more complex now…it’s our goal at Central Office to put systems in place that effectively and efficiently help faculty and students.”


“Less is more,” he continued. “There are three goals we want to work on.


First, we can learn to use data to measure the effectiveness of our lessons.”


“Second, let’s create an environment where students feel safe and empowered. We are now teaching critical thinking to our students, and we can give them opportunities.”


“Third, we want to create a climate where the teachers feel supported and valued, where they can take risks and feel safe,” Dr. Cascone encouraged.


With all the changes in education law, including No Child Left Behind in 2001 and the increase in testing demands, Dr. Cascone likened teachers to carrying large burdens even before their day began.


“For me, the kids will always come first,” noted Cascone, “but you (faculty) are a close second.”


See photos from Dr. Cascone's visits here. View a video below.


Dr. Cascone

Dr. Cascone speaks to staff at Edison Middle School.



Cynthia Cumming
Sept. 6, 2019