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Commendations of Students, Staff Highlight Board of Education Meeting

WEST ORANGE, NJ - The June 3 Board of Education meeting highlighted the accomplishments of students and staff in the West Orange School District from January-June.


Twenty-five different commendations were distributed for a wide variety of academic, faculty, and sports successes.


To view who was recognized and why, go here.


To view all the photos from the evening, go here.


Teacher of the Year

Kimya Jackson, WOCC Teacher of the Year, with BOE President Ken Alper and VP Sandra Mordecai.


Marie DeMaio

Washington Elementary School Principal Marie DeMaio with Sandra Mordecai, Legacy Recognition.

State Geobee Winner

Liberty LMS Lisa Touzeau with Matthew McDonald, who won the NJ State Geobee.

Farley Recognition

Bill Farley is recognized for 19 years of education and mentorship at WOHS. With Ken Alper, Sandra Mordecai, and WOHS Principal Hayden Moore.

Boys Volleyball

The Boys Volleyball Team wins its division championship in its first-ever season.

Sunil and Sangeeta Badlani

Sunil and Sangeeta Badlani of the Nikhil Badlani Foundation are recognized. With Sandra Mordecai, Hayden Moore, BOE member Mark Robertson, and Ken Alper.

Cynthia Cumming
June 5, 2019