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Looking for Leaders for the 2019-20 School year!

EMS is Looking for Leaders!
Do you have leadership potential? Do you want to help your classmates? Why not think about being a Bully Buster at Edison Middle School.

The Edison Middle School Bully Buster program looks to garner the support of students in order to maintain a Bully-Free school environment. At Edison, we believe that it takes staff, students and parents working together to encourage good character. Students who are appointed “Bully Busters” will meet as a group with staff members to discuss topics related to bullying. The Bully Buster members are then asked to engage in a dialogue with their peers to promote the development of a bully-free school.

Past members of the Bully Buster program have developed the Bully Buster “ACTS of Good Character”. The “ACTS” are behaviors that contribute to a positive school culture and encourage good character for all.

The acronym “ACTS” stands for:

Always think before you act, speak or write

Compliments, not insults.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Say something if you see something. 

In order to become a Bully Buster, a student should be caring, empathetic, possess good problem-solving skills and show a willingness to help others. During the first few weeks of school, teachers will begin looking for students who possess these traits. Teachers will then provide nominations to the administration. If you have any questions about the Bully Busters program, please contact Mr. Melendez in the main office at (973) 669-5360, extension 28511.