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Updated Statement from Board of Education 6/3/2020

Acknowledging the need for more direct and thoughtful communication on a very important topic, the West Orange Board of Education recognizes that our statement published yesterday fell short for our community, and we apologize.
We join all families in sadness over the wrongful death of George Floyd. At no point was our intention to minimize the pain that so many of our West Orange families and staff are experiencing or to fail to recognize and reaffirm that Black Lives Matter.
We are all committed to doing our part to work with the administration and community to identify and create sustainable action, and to amplify the work this Board has done and will continue to do for the equity of our black/brown students and their families. Watch for a further statement detailing this past, current, and future work.
We are listening. We are ready to work. We are West Orange.
Ken Alper, President
Terry Trigg-Scales, Vice President
Cheryl Merklinger, Board Member
Jennifer Tunnicliffe, Board Member
Gary Rothstein, Board Member