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St. Cloud Elementary Celebrates Annual Diversity Night

WEST ORANGE, NJ - St. Cloud Elementary School held their annual Diversity Night on Jan. 25, much to the delight of students and families.


The annual event highlights the diversity of West Orange as families bring dishes that reflect their cultural heritage. A small entrance fee supports the PTA. After checking in with their dishes - broken down into appetizers, entrees, and desserts, over 50 cultures were represented and families enjoyed numerous international foods, some for the first time.


The Fifth Grade Activities Committee sold Superbowl boxes and children were treated to a special dance session where they were able to learn various steps for a short performance at the end of the evening.


Principal Eric Price chatted with parents and happy children ran around as parents chased them. All in all, it was a true family event.


See photos here.


St. Cloud

St. Cloud students.

St. Cloud

St. Cloud students dance.

St. Cloud

Members of the St. Cloud PTA Executive Board and Principal Eric Price (right).

Cynthia Cumming
Jan. 30, 2019