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The Cat in the Hat Comes Back to Redwood Elementary School

WEST ORANGE, NJ – Kindergarten and First grade students at Redwood Elementary School could not believe their eyes when the Cat in the Hat showed up for a visit on March 5. Redwood was one of the lucky winners of a West Orange Education Association (WOEA) contest.


Since 1997, schools around the world have celebrated Read Across America Day with reading activities to encourage young students to read. March 2 was selected because it is also the birthday of Theodore Geisel, better known as Doctor Seuss. With March 2 falling on a Saturday this year, West Orange Public Schools have been holding events around that date.


As Principal Tim Beaumont read “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back” to Kindergarten students, he suddenly announced, “We have a special visitor here today.”


Students began cheering, jumping up and down, and clamoring to give The Cat a high-five. The Cat, for his part, was jovial and seemed to enjoy all the attention he was receiving. After all the hellos and goodbyes, the Cat took off waving, heading out to his adventure and leaving behind some very happy little ones.


As Dr. Seuss says, ““From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.”


See all the photos here.


Cat in the Hat

Kindergarten and First Grade students at Redwood are beyond excited to meet the Cat in the Hat on March 5.




Cynthia Cumming
March 5, 2019