Mrs. Sharon Fumia



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Mrs. Sharon Fumia

ESL is the abbreviation for English as a Second Language.  For those of us who have been raised in a community or a family that is English-speaking, English may not seem so difficult, but for students from other communities or countries, or whose families speak something else, English can be very hard.  That's why we spend some extra time and attention on students learning English for the first time.

What do we do in class?  LOTS of things!  We focus on language, of course. That means that we teach things like listening, speaking, reading and writing, and vocabulary, along with other academic things like math, social studies and science.  Language is needed in order to participate in so much of life, whether the students' needs are academic or social, whether they are doing homework or going grocery shopping, we help them get what they need.  Practical issues, cultural differences, and educational emphases are all important elements. And the emotional aspect of students adapting to life in a brand new country is a huge priority.  In ESL, we help facilitate success in each of these areas with all-encompassing support, along with a safe place offered in which to take risks and learn.