Mrs. Lisa Marx

  • Marx


    Since 1992 I have had the pleasure of teaching in West Orange, and Mt. Pleasant has been my home since its reopening in 1997.  During these years, I have taught both the 1st and 2nd grades and also earned a Master’s Degree in reading and literacy.  I find teaching in the primary grades to be a most rewarding experience.  These years are critical in a child’s learning process, and I enjoy working with my students and their families during such a time.  

    As the proud mother of two boys, I am guided by a daily mantra, making certain to interact with each child, as I would want for my own sons.  During my personal time, I enjoy reading, writing, painting and spending time with my family.  I enjoy being a team player, working together with my students, their families and my colleagues. This, I have discovered, has been my formula for success.