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Degrees and Certifications:

BS, Natural Resource Management CSP (Certified Safety Specialist) HAZMAT/HAZWOPER 40 hr Supervisor

Ms. Christina Marie Faust

My name is Christina Marie Faust, and I am a lifelong science and engineering nerd. 
Before becoming a teacher I spent almost two decades working as a Marine and Environmental Research Scientist, Environmental Investigation and Restoration Manager (Superfund and contaminated military sites) and as both a Safety and Training Manager. 
I hope to bring my real world science experience in both applied and basic research as well as on the business side of science into the classroom to engage students in both exploration and excitement for the future of science and their role in it by building on their mastery of core scientific skills and connections.   Those connections can then be used as a framework that students will build upon as they continue their education and become global citizens in a changing world.


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