• Try out these tech tools for engagement and assessment!


    Need ideas for end-of-the-year projects??

    Matt Miller's Ditch that Textbook site has plenty of ideas!


    Matt Miller Ditch that Textbook


    Tinkercad.com                            edpuzzle.com/

     Design a 3D object now! We'll print it when we can!                       Great integration of multimedia information and assessment!

    Flipgrid.com                                   Gimkit.com      

    Record and Share short videos and let your voice be heard!                               Interactive Games and Assessments!

    Kahoot.com                                          https://www.peardeck.com/

     Kahoot is just plain fun!  Tap into existing quizzes                                       Jazz up your existing slideshows with PearDeck!

                 or create your own!                                                                             


    Bookcreator.com                                           Edu.Glogster.com

    We have premium accounts through June, 2021!                                         *West Orange Schools Accounts are required for Glogster.

    Presents like a book with text, images, video...                                             Virtual posters integrating text, images, audio, video!


    https://www.canva.com/                                        https://spark.adobe.com/

    Awesome design tool complete with templates!                                           Design Graphics, Webpages, Short Videos with Adobe

                                                                                                                                               design capabilities at your fingertips!

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