Sing-along Songs

  • Five Little Speckled Frog Puppets on a Log

  • Baby Dinosaur Cartoons

Musical Shows

  • A poster for Netflix's Julie's Greenroom starring Julie Andrew

    Julie's Greenroom (hosted by Julie Andrews) is an excellent show to start introducing students to theater arts and the role that music plays in putting on a performance. Each episode features well-known actors, singers, performers in the business today and is dedicated to a different aspect of the theater and music. The episode I like to skip to after Episode 1 is Episode 8 (Quacktice Makes Perfect) because it's all about the musical instrument families. I also really enjoy Episode 10 (Rhythm is Gonna Get You) because it features the percussion ensemble STOMP.

  • The House on Melody Street Logo with Characters

    The House on Melody Street is a Four-Part Musical Series! Each video rhymes to tell the story of the residents at "The House on Melody Street." Each family is one of the four instrument families: Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, and Percussion. The video goes through each instrument and plays their sounds in the background. The illustrations and storylines are great!