Supplies Recommended for Musical Success

    • Below please find a list of supplies that are recommended for musical success in any instrumental music program.  The supplies listed below are necessary for the care and maintainance of our musical instruments.  With proper care, your instrument will be able to play consistently and reliably.  Please note that the links below are for demonstration purposes only, there are many quality products, but unfortunately for every quality product, there is also a number of inferior products.  The products listed below are recommended based on their performance not only in the classroom, but with working professionals in the music industry.

      You also have the right as a consumer to choose the vendor which can provide the best product to you at a price that fits your budget.  Below are reputable companies that have proven to be an excellent resource for your musical needs.  Some have the convenience of being able to try out or pick up in person, while others deliver to the school or home.  The choice is yours.  

      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Maliszewski at bmaliszewski@woboe.org.


      Recommended Vendors:


      K & S Music (Local shop offering rentals, repairs, and supplies.)

      The Music Shop (Local shop offering rentals, repairs, and supplies.)

      Other Vendors: